Google Plus SEO Tip – Search First Then Write

Google Plus SEO Tip - Search First Then Write

Google Plus SEO Tip – How It All Began!
Here is a Google+ SEO Tip that is sure to please. Some discoveries happen when we poke around and notice stuff. That is what happened with this one. I see things from a different perspective than most (unless you are a Google+ SEO fan). When I notice things on Google+, I wonder how that might affect search.

I saw a post in my Google+ stream. It had some ‘extra text with a link’ at the very bottom of the post and my mind Engaged, and I said “Hmmm, I wonder how…” And off we go!

I poked, I tested, I tried it out and here is what I came up with. From what I can tell it should be a very valuable Google+ SEO tip… because it involves Legitimate Activity on Google Plus, it involves Common Activity in Social Media, & Common Sense SEO tactics (common for SEO-types)… Plus you end up with a Google Generated Link (that link source should have some Authority, don’t you think?).

Google Plus SEO Tip – How Do People Find Stuff?
They find stuff online via Search.  If they are inside Google+, they go to the top bar and enter a Google+ Search to find what they are looking for. So I am suggesting you to the same. If you want to catch fish, go where the fish are, right? Do what your target audience is doing, start a search using your primary Keyword Phrase (KWP).

Google Plus SEO Tip – Start Your Process with a Search
When you have arrived in the Search Results area inside Google Plus you are in the right ‘fishing pond’. Now comes the time to bait your hook and write up your valuable content. While in this special KWP friendly area, start composing your Google+ post. You will notice the encouragement to do so in the post area pictured here. Google is screaming at us to do this, if we are paying attention!

It is hard to admit, but I just didn’t hear their “scream” until now. Look at what Google+ is telling us to do: “Join the Discussion about ‘Your KWP’. They are actually Inviting Us to Write Relevant Content in the perfect area for it to be found! Thanks Google Plus for the Tip, I think I’ll do just that!

Google Plus SEO Tip – Write Your Post Using Good SEO Techniques
No time/space here to explain all you need to do… follow me to learn more. But here are some basics to incorporate in your Google+ post.

  • Make your Title to your post *Bold*
  • Include your KWP near the beginning in your Title
  • Use your KWP appropriately in your Post’s main content area
  • Utilize your KWP in a #Hashtag in your post
  • If you are linking to Off-Site (off G+) content, be sure that content is Juiced up with good SEO stuff like mentioned here
  • Include a Pretty Picture or Video as part of your post

Google Plus SEO Tip – Note the Free Link Google+ Gives!
Even while you are composing your post you will see the ‘super special free link’ Google+ is attaching to your post! This example says Shared from the Google+ Google+ SEO Stream. If you happened to want to write about Video Marketing, then you would search for that KWP, and the Google+ SEO Tip would be screaming at you: Shared from the Video Marketing Stream.

Notice that your Target KWP is a Blue Link. Man I like that color! I have written up all kinds of stuff lately about Blue Link Videos and how they help you get your stuff noticed inside Google Plus. Blue means Links. Links mean relevance. When Google creates the link (like they are doing here) it surely is coming from a Trusted Source. That is good news for us that will use this Google Plus SEO Tip.

Google Plus SEO Tip – How to do This Consistently
With any Good SEO Tactic, consistency is an important part of the equation. To help you consistently utilize this Google+ SEO tip, I suggest you Save Your KWP Searches when you first do them inside Google Plus. Then before you write a new post related to a target KWP, you can simply click on that saved search inside Google+ (that happens now-a-days in the ‘Explore’ area found easily via the Google+ Ribbon Menu/Bar on the left).


When you perform your KWP Search inside Google+ you will see the opportunity to SAVE THIS SEARCH as pictured here (man, when you look for it you can see Google+ politely screaming at us all along the way!).

Save it so you can easily get back to the proper ‘fishing pond’ whenever you are ready to write up your next ‘fish catching’ post.

Google Plus SEO Tip – Summary
Here is a quick summary of what to do to use the Google+ SEO tip to your advantage:

  1. Start with a Google+ Search (use your saved KWP searches)
  2. Write up your post inside the Google+ Search results area
  3. Be sure to use your KWP properly in your post
  4. Publish your post and note the special KWP focused link that Google+ gives you at the bottom of your post
  5. Enjoy the benefits of playing by the rules and using smart SEO tactics to get your content found in the right places online
  6. Thank me later! ;-)

Find other Google Plus tips and posts on this site. Add the me, Ronnie Bincer, to your Google+ Circles. If you are curious about Video SEO take a look around our site. Thanks for visiting!

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