27 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names

1. Glabella

The space between the eyebrows. You are now looking at Ryan Gosling’s glabella. Congrats.

2. Vagitus

The cry of a newborn baby.

Source: en.wiktionary.org  /  via: guardian.co.uk

3. Chanking

Spat-out food.

4. Zarf

The sleeve on the outside of a coffee cup.

5. Niggly Wiggly

The paper ribbon at the top of Hershey’s Kiss.

6. Darkle

The opposite of “sparkle.” To become dark.

7. Souffle Cup

Ketchup/condiment cup.

8. Snollygoster

A person guided by personal advantage rather than consistent principles. See: every politician ever.

9. Natiform

Something that looks like a butt.

10. Tintinnabulation

The ringing of bells.

Source: merriam-webster.com  /  via: nortfort.ru

11. Columella nasi

The space between the nostrils. You are now looking at Justin Bieber’s columella nasi.

Source: medilexicon.com  /  via: celebritycloseup

12. Rhinorrhea

Runny nose.

13. Punt

The bottom of a wine bottle.

14. Jamais vu

What happens when you say a word for so long that it loses its meaning. Limit limit limit limit limit limit limit limit limit.

15. Misophonia

Getting mad at someone for eating or breathing too loudly (among other things). It’s also a brain disorder.

16. Brannock Device

The thing used to measure your feet at the shoe store.

Source: brannock.com  /  via: mix967.ca

17. River

The white spaces that randomly line up in a paragraph of text.

18. Nurdle

A tiny dab of toothpaste.

19. The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

When you see something for the first time and then start to see it EVERYWHERE.

20. Collywobbles

Butterflies in your stomach.

21. Clover Mite

The tiny red bug found on concrete and bricks.

22. Keeper

The loop on a belt that keeps the end in place after it has passed through the buckle.

23. Frisson

The chills you get when listening to a really good piece of music. Or just anything really good.

24. Overmorrow

The day after tomorrow.

25. Grawlix

The %#$&@ in comics, or anything else, used in place of a curse word. Also called jarns, nittles, and quimp.

26. Rasceta

The lines on the inside of your wrist.

27. L’esprit d’escalier or “stairway wit”

The moment after an argument when you think of a good comeback, but it’s way too late.

Source: dictionary.reference.com  /  via: www

Congratulations, you now know everything! That feeling in your stomach? That’s the collywobbles of knowledge.

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