Building a better Network – MTT – Music Think Tank


  1.     Set up a File Maker or Address list/book of the people you meet out in the entertainment world.
  2.     Get yourself a business card holder so you can organize the cards you receive.
  3.     Build a set of “hot points” so you can remember where you met them ie: John Doe- 111 Mina Dance Club 8/15/2009 Musician ext ext.
  4.     Never let more then a month go by before you call the person back.
  5.     Always initiate the first call if they have not already called you, in other words don’t wait for them. (unless guide line 7 applies)
  6.     Stay in touch at least every 3 months via phone call or e-mail but don’t wait longer then 3 months. If it’s an important contact, say someone whom you want to work with soon or in the near future, you want to be in touch at least once every month and a half (1 ½ months).
  7.      Don’t get their information if you’re never going to use it. If they insist on giving you their info then except the info and wait for them to call. Unless of course you find a need for them then call or contact them as soon as you come to this conclusion.
  8.       Always get back to people within the same business day or 24 hours at the latest if they have contacted you via phone or e-mail.
  9.       Get out of the house and socialize at industry events.
  10.       Repeat as necessary.

boy can’t spell, but he looks like he has a good system here.


The Viral Me: Devin Friedman Investigates the New World of Social Networking: Big Issues: GQ

Cupertino is where Apple is. Palo Alto is where Facebook is. Mountain View is where Google is. Geographically speaking, then, Y Combinator, let’s call it YC, is in Googletown, a flat suburban place dotted with low bungalows and bathed almost always in sunlight. On a side street here, more of a service road, really, sits the small building that houses the company. It hardly exists at all, physically. It’s just two rooms—the office, where the three full-time employees can sometimes be found, and the main room, which, with its bright plywood picnic tables and orange acoustic tiling, looks like the dining hall at one of the better youth hostels in Denmark. YC is a kind of tech-industry incubator, maybe the most important in the world. It’s the place where people are trying to invent the ways we’re going to behave, at least as far as the Internet goes, in the future.


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