Bandcamp rant

Actually, more of a lovely series of tweets by @solobasssteve about Bandcamp and how he approaches making his living from his art.

The single page of collected tweets is enabled by Exquisite Tweets. Something to bear in mind for later I’m thinking.



24 Tweets About Digital Music

24 Tweets from the awesome Steve Lawson (aka @solobasssteve on Twitter) on the subject of digital music. My favorite?

There are no ‘entitlements’ here. I don’t have a ‘right’ to make a living from music, and you don’t have a ‘right’ to hear it.
9:24pm Jul 14th 2011

Timely Tweets?

I’m trying out While I’m not usually interested in these sort of things (they often strike me as rather the clueless corporate approach to social media) this one intrigued me enough to at least give it a go.

They claim that by analyzing your last 199 tweets they can come up with the best time of day to tweet for the most response, re-tweets, etc. and consequently, more followers. If this turns out to be the case, I’ll probably use it for stuff like announcing new recordings, videos, etc. (exactly what my first trial run with them is about).

I know that if you really want to get through with a message on Twitter you have to repost it at least a couple times. Otherwise, with as much chatter that goes on and as widely spread out time-zone-wise your followers are, many of them will miss it.

If it works out well I’ll keep using it. If not, it didn’t take much time to try.