Google Plus SEO Tip – Search First Then Write

Google Plus SEO Tip - Search First Then Write

Google Plus SEO Tip – How It All Began!
Here is a Google+ SEO Tip that is sure to please. Some discoveries happen when we poke around and notice stuff. That is what happened with this one. I see things from a different perspective than most (unless you are a Google+ SEO fan). When I notice things on Google+, I wonder how that might affect search.

I saw a post in my Google+ stream. It had some ‘extra text with a link’ at the very bottom of the post and my mind Engaged, and I said “Hmmm, I wonder how…” And off we go!

I poked, I tested, I tried it out and here is what I came up with. From what I can tell it should be a very valuable Google+ SEO tip… because it involves Legitimate Activity on Google Plus, it involves Common Activity in Social Media, & Common Sense SEO tactics (common for SEO-types)… Plus you end up with a Google Generated Link (that link source should have some Authority, don’t you think?).

Google Plus SEO Tip – How Do People Find Stuff?
They find stuff online via Search.  If they are inside Google+, they go to the top bar and enter a Google+ Search to find what they are looking for. So I am suggesting you to the same. If you want to catch fish, go where the fish are, right? Do what your target audience is doing, start a search using your primary Keyword Phrase (KWP).

Google Plus SEO Tip – Start Your Process with a Search
When you have arrived in the Search Results area inside Google Plus you are in the right ‘fishing pond’. Now comes the time to bait your hook and write up your valuable content. While in this special KWP friendly area, start composing your Google+ post. You will notice the encouragement to do so in the post area pictured here. Google is screaming at us to do this, if we are paying attention!

It is hard to admit, but I just didn’t hear their “scream” until now. Look at what Google+ is telling us to do: “Join the Discussion about ‘Your KWP’. They are actually Inviting Us to Write Relevant Content in the perfect area for it to be found! Thanks Google Plus for the Tip, I think I’ll do just that!

Google Plus SEO Tip – Write Your Post Using Good SEO Techniques
No time/space here to explain all you need to do… follow me to learn more. But here are some basics to incorporate in your Google+ post.

  • Make your Title to your post *Bold*
  • Include your KWP near the beginning in your Title
  • Use your KWP appropriately in your Post’s main content area
  • Utilize your KWP in a #Hashtag in your post
  • If you are linking to Off-Site (off G+) content, be sure that content is Juiced up with good SEO stuff like mentioned here
  • Include a Pretty Picture or Video as part of your post

Google Plus SEO Tip – Note the Free Link Google+ Gives!
Even while you are composing your post you will see the ‘super special free link’ Google+ is attaching to your post! This example says Shared from the Google+ Google+ SEO Stream. If you happened to want to write about Video Marketing, then you would search for that KWP, and the Google+ SEO Tip would be screaming at you: Shared from the Video Marketing Stream.

Notice that your Target KWP is a Blue Link. Man I like that color! I have written up all kinds of stuff lately about Blue Link Videos and how they help you get your stuff noticed inside Google Plus. Blue means Links. Links mean relevance. When Google creates the link (like they are doing here) it surely is coming from a Trusted Source. That is good news for us that will use this Google Plus SEO Tip.

Google Plus SEO Tip – How to do This Consistently
With any Good SEO Tactic, consistency is an important part of the equation. To help you consistently utilize this Google+ SEO tip, I suggest you Save Your KWP Searches when you first do them inside Google Plus. Then before you write a new post related to a target KWP, you can simply click on that saved search inside Google+ (that happens now-a-days in the ‘Explore’ area found easily via the Google+ Ribbon Menu/Bar on the left).


When you perform your KWP Search inside Google+ you will see the opportunity to SAVE THIS SEARCH as pictured here (man, when you look for it you can see Google+ politely screaming at us all along the way!).

Save it so you can easily get back to the proper ‘fishing pond’ whenever you are ready to write up your next ‘fish catching’ post.

Google Plus SEO Tip – Summary
Here is a quick summary of what to do to use the Google+ SEO tip to your advantage:

  1. Start with a Google+ Search (use your saved KWP searches)
  2. Write up your post inside the Google+ Search results area
  3. Be sure to use your KWP properly in your post
  4. Publish your post and note the special KWP focused link that Google+ gives you at the bottom of your post
  5. Enjoy the benefits of playing by the rules and using smart SEO tactics to get your content found in the right places online
  6. Thank me later! ;-)

Find other Google Plus tips and posts on this site. Add the me, Ronnie Bincer, to your Google+ Circles. If you are curious about Video SEO take a look around our site. Thanks for visiting!

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    Musician’s Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites – Visibli – MTT – Music Think Tank

    Hello again and welcome back to Musician’s Arsenal. This week I’d like to present to you, Visibli. A good friend of ours, Jordan Walker (@jordanwalker), came by the Cyber PR® office a few weeks back for some after hours drinks, and as our conversations usually do around here, the talk quickly turned to the music industry, specifically effective technology for independent musicians. In no time, Jordan was on the computer showing me all the ins and outs of this great new tool and I’ve been chomping at the bit ever since to write this post. Visibli, at it’s simplest, is another version of But Visibli takes it to the next level (and can actually work with Imagine a world where every time you posted a link on Twitter or on Facebook, that link carried your brand, linked back to your website, played your music, promoted your social media sites and provided links to buy your music. Enter Visibli.

    Visibli does all of these things for you. Just like, once you’ve found a link you want to share with your fans, copy that link and paste it into Visibli’s shortener. Visibli can push the link out to your Facebook or Twitter, or you can copy and paste the link where ever you need it. When someone clicks on the link, the website they are taken to will have a banner across the top that can contain all the information I listed before. (Saif Ajani, founder of Visibli, told me that while the Facebook feature is normally a premium feature, he’ll turn it for our readers for free. Thanks Saif! Hit me up @jloom718 and we’ll get you set up.)

    I say ‘can’ because this banner is customizable. You have the option of choosing things like a Facebook ‘Like’ button, Twitter ‘Follow’ button, SoundCloud clip, iTunes buy link, Topspin widget, FanBridge widget etc. You can also upload a picture to the banner and customize the font and color of your band name. It’s very cool, click here to see the one I created (in about 10 minutes) for Cyber PR®. I want to make sure you’re seated now, ‘cause this next part really pushed it over the edge for me. Visibli has a WordPress plugin (they also have code to do this on any website) that allows all of your external links in your blog to carry this banner. Ok, maybe I over did it when I made sure you were seated (but seriously, who reads blogs standing up?) but picture it, every link you put out carrying all of your information. The fan will never forget where the link came from. But let’s set aside the fact that Visibli is really freakin’ cool technology for a second. How does this help an independent musician, or any musician, brand, company or individual. Let’s say you share a link on Facebook that happens to show up in one of your ambient fan’s news feed. They are interested and click on the link. Without Visibli, they are likely to forget who shared the link and may not engage you further. With Visibli, they are constantly aware of who shared that link with them and are presented with many opportunities to engage you. Taking this a step further, if a friend shares a link you posted with their community (assuming they don’t change the link) it will still carry your banner and a whole new set of potential fans will have direct access to all of your important links. Visibli helps take fan engagement to the next level. Providing links to relevant and interesting articles has long been part of the fan engagement strategy. Now this can be done without directing the fan away from your brand. They remain in contact with you the entire time. It seems I have to say this every time, but alas, I’m leaving out some lovely features I’d like to tell you about, but the best way to learn is to get your hands on it. Go and set up your own Visibli account and come back here and let me know how it goes. Are you able to engage your fans more? Do you see any increase in email sign ups? Is the traffic on your website or social media sites increasing? Good luck and don’t forget to share your experiences!

    Scott Andrew – DIY acoustic pop superhero! – It’s time to dump Flash

    I’m in the process of getting rid of all the the Flash from my website. It’s not that I hate Flash, but I think it’s time that indie musicians got serious about the mobile web, and Flash — well, Flash ain’t a part of it. I want people to be able to sample music from any device at any time, and you should too.

    In the realm of tablet computers, Apple’s iPad dominates. There’s an estimated 29 million iPads out there and not a single one of them supports Flash. On Android-based devices, Flash may or may not be pre-installed. (Whether or not your Flash widgets are even usable on a tiny phone screen is another matter.)

    On iPhones, no Flash. Consider that iPhone users are also likely to be iTunes users. While the majority of my digital sales tend to be streams these days, iTunes still leads the pack in digital downloads. I’m not gonna stand in the way.

    Here’s what I’m doing to dump Flash, in case you want to give it a try:

    1. Replace Flash player widgets with HTML5.

    There are two options I’ve used:

    SoundManager 2. This is a JavaScript library that serves up streaming audio based on your visitors’ browser capabilities. It has an HTML5 audio option, which works well for iPhone, iPads and Safari browsers that don’t have Flash installed. I used SM2 extensively when redesigning my music page. There are some easily-modified widgets available at the SM2 site, if you’re not into developing your own.

    Bandcamp. I could write a whole separate post about how I’ve fallen for Bandcamp’s awesome features, but for now, just know that their embeddable players are wicked cool. They’re simple, they’re legible, they’re not co-branded to death, and they work where Flash doesn’t.

    Another option is to just link directly to your music in iTunes. This won’t work for Android phones, but at least iPhone users will be able to sample your music via the iTunes Store app. If anyone knows how to do something similar for Android (perhaps linking to an app?) I’d love to know about it.

    2. Use the new YouTube embed code for videos.

    If your website contains embedded YouTube videos, swap them out using YouTube’s newer embed code. The new code detects the browser capabilities and tries to serve up a compatible video format, including HTML5 video where supported. In most mobile devices, YouTube will hand off control to the phone or tablet’s native video player, which is a lot better than the play-in-place experience you get with desktop browsers.

    Note that this doesn’t work with every video format you might have uploaded in the past. Check out YouTube’s HTML5 support docs here.

    I’ve also noticed that Vimeo embedded video widgets seem to work well on iOS devices, but I haven’t used them myself.

    3. OMG just get rid of Flash everywhere else.

    If your site is one of those all-Flash monstrosities, a lot of mobile users probably hate you. Hire a web designer that knows how to design for both mobile and the desktop. Personally, I love just about everything posted at

    Anyway, I hope that helps someone. Look for that red audio player up in the top-right corner of my website to be replaced Real Soon Now.

    not so sure I want to “dump flash” but I wouldn’t mind knowing that my site does OK on mobile devices, so… yeah.